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Treehouse Series

The Treehouse Series is the most modular play set and has the highest quality features that Backyard Adventures offers. The features include deck heights available from 5 feet to over 8 feet tall, slide lengths up to 14 feet, and you can even connect two or more together with a bridge.

Peak Series

The Peak Series comes standard with a rock wall, tire swing, and a rope ladder! This is the best option for unlevel yards and also has the highest quality features. It can easily be customized by adding swings, slides, monkey bars and lofts.

Explorer Series

The Explorer Series is the perfect balance between price and value. It has the same safety features and many of the Treehouse and Peak Series options can be used. It is also made using the same heavy-duty construction, including steel reinforced swing beams, heavy ductile swing hangers, thick gauge chains, and flat-step ladders.

Expedition Series

Our Expedition Series is the most affordable family of top-quality play sets available. The Expedition Series is loaded with valuable features and is designed for children of all ages. Each thoughtfully designed play set is carefully crafted with your child’s playtime in mind. From swings and slides, to rock walls, picnic tables, forts, and more, your child will find a variety of fun activities right in the safety of your own backyard!

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