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How do you get into my fenced yard?
With our proprietary delivery system, we can lift the shed over the fence and set it down on the other side. Once the shed has been set down, we can roll it into the location desired and level it. For yards with no access, play sets, and larger sheds, we will build the shed or play set right on the site. 

How much extra does it cost to have my shed built on site?
There is no extra cost to have your shed  build on your site. Several of the shed sizes and all garages are not able to be delivered and have to be built on site. Many areas do not have access and on-site construction is the only option. Everything is factory built using jigs to assure tight tolerances and all of the painting and staining is in a climate controlled factory using automated equipment and we bring the pieces to your site and assemble them there.

This is our second Murphy Shed. The other one has been great so we stayed with quality.

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What is the delivery charge?
Shed and garage delivery is free within our service areas.

There is an installation fee for play sets that depends on the play set ordered. If you prefer to assemble the play set yourself, simply follow the instructions provided with your play set.

Do I need a concrete pad for a shed? 
No. Everything on the shed that touches the ground is 16 gauge galvanized steel and it will not rot. If you have a concrete pad and would like us to place a shed on it, we will be happy to. Please discuss the pad with us prior to installation so we can insure the pad meets our requirements. 

Do I need a concrete pad for a garage?
Yes. Murphy Sheds subcontracts the concrete work to professionals who specialize in concrete, which insures that it is done correctly.

What should I do to prepare the site?
For a shed, the site should be level within 6 inches when our installers arrive. Our installers will not do any excavation work, but will level the building using pressure treated shims to raise the low places. If fill is needed, we recommend using gravel, which allows better drainage. We will need two feet all around the shed to properly install and level it. If you have any questions regarding the site, please call 605.355.6860.

For a garage, the dirt work is typically done in conjunction with the concrete. We will meet with you at the garage site before any work begins and we will discuss any site preparation at that time and answer any other questions you may have.

Do I need to be present for the installation?
It is highly recommended that you be present to insure the placement is exactly how you want it. Typical deliveries take less than half an hour and there is a fee if we have to come back. With on site installations, it is probably not possible to move it at a later date so it is even more important to get it exactly where you want it the first time. Typical on site installations take one full day. If you do not wish to be present the entire time, please plan on being there the first hour or so. During this time we will complete the base and you can be sure it is placed properly before leaving.

What is the warranty?
The entire structure is guaranteed from top to bottom and front to back. It’s that simple and there is no fine print. Our products are built well enough that it is easy to stand behind this warranty because we experience very few problems. If you do happen to experience a problem, just give us a call and we will schedule your service at your convenience.

What about building permits and neighborhood covenants?
Building permits are not provided by Murphy Sheds. Please consult your neighborhood covenants and local building department for setback and permit requirements. If you need anything from us to complete this process, just let us know.

How many of the testimonials I have been reading on your website are for real?
Every one of them and there are a lot more where they come from. We give our customers an optional survey to fill out and mail back to us and the comments on this site are from those surveys. We are very proud of each one of them and will continue to strive to earn more. That survey also asks our customers to grade the service and product they received. We are very proud of our ‘A’ rating in both categories.